Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

On behalf of the Kappa Psi chapter of Sigma Kappa, it is my pleasure to welcome you to IUPUI!

When I first came to IUPUI, I was excited to be out on my own and have the freedom to do whatever I would like with my time. However, I got in the routine of going to class, doing homework, and going straight home afterward since that was my perception of a normal day on a commuter campus. I wasn’t sure how to get connected on campus and have that typical college experience I was looking forward to after high school.

One day as I was walking through the campus center to my next class, I was stopped by a woman that asked if I was interested in learning more about the Panhellenic community. She was a member of Kappa Psi and told me about their values (personal growth, loyalty, friendship, and service) and explained the philanthropies they support and raise both money and awareness for. I had a personal bond to the Alzheimer’s Association due to my grandfather passing away from this disease and felt instantly connected to Sigma Kappa.

Joining the Panhellenic community has easily been one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college career so far. I am more involved on campus with other organizations, causes, and events and the friendships I have made are irreplaceable. These women have seen me at my best and have supported me, but have also seen me struggle and were there to help lift me back up. Through Sigma Kappa, I have gained confidence, leadership opportunities, and a sense of belonging in our big city. I’ve been able to witness my sisters excel in their academics, athletics, work-life, and leadership positions and continuously push to be the best version of themselves possible. I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for the Kappa Psi chapter of Sigma Kappa and I consider these women my second family. I hope you find yours throughout our amazing Panhellenic community!


Paige Howell

Kappa Psi President